Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on May 22nd. Your polling station is on your polling card. If you haven’t received your polling card you can still vote as long as you are on the register –


PDF of Cork Polling Stations


How to Vote

  • Bring your ID with you.
  • Your polling station is on your polling card.
  • Mark an X (in the box beside “Yes if you agree with the proposal”)
  • Make no other mark on the paper – this may spoil your vote
  • Do not take photographs of your ballot paper/polling station selfies – this may render your vote invalid
  • By law, campaign material is not allowed with 50 metres of any polling station. This includes badges and leaflets. If you see any No material please tell the polling staff. If they do not deal with it please contact us – 0214307696
  • You do not need your polling card to vote – just your id


Getting to your polling station on May 22nd

  • Yes Equality Cork volunteers are offering lifts and looking for lifts – email with the subject “Lifts”.
  • Voters are using #VoterMotor to lift share on the 22nd – if you’re stuck for lifts, give the hashtag a look!
  • Hailo and Uber will be offering a free rides to the value of €15 on Friday May 22nd. Uber from 7am – 10pm, Hailo from 11am – 4pm. You need to preregister with Hailo and Uber  to be eligible.
  • Get a free reminder text to vote on May 22nd
  • Bring your family/friends with you! (See below video)


How to Vote Friday May 22

Union of Students in Ireland Voting Infographic
via the Union of Students in Ireland