The Confetti Bucket Challenge

Take a look at some of the YesEquality campaigners taking the challenge at the official launch of the YesEquality Cork campaign:

You can make a video too! You just need a bucket and some confetti.


When making the video remember to say the following at the start:

You: “This is my confetti bucket challenge for marriage equality in Ireland.”

Friend: “Do you support marriage equality in Ireland?”

You: “I DO”

After the the challenge remind people to VOTE YES on May 22nd

“Vote YES for Marriage Equality on May 22nd #MarRef #IDO”


If you are posting on Twitter please use the hashtags #IDO and #MarRef. When posting on Facebook please set to public and nominate and tag your friends to record their own videos.

8 North Mall’s Confetti Pool will be open to record videos in soon – days and times to follow.


You can download the marriage equality poster below to hold during the challenge

Download Poster here