Examples of What Your Donation Will Do

  • €25 will buy 100 Yes Equality Cork badges
  • €75 we can print and install 10 Yes Equality Cork posters in local communities – we’ve put up some but would love to be able to put up some more
  • €299 we can print 10,000 Yes Equality Cork leaflets for canvassing


Donate to Yes Equality Cork by Bank Transfer:

Name and address of our Bank:   AIB, North Main Street, Cork
Name of our account:   YES Equality Cork
IBAN:   IE66AIBK93426722925075
Narrative:   It is essential that you please write your name in the Narrative/Reference for the transfer. This is so we know who is making the transfer.

To help us keep a proper record of your donation, please fill out the form below with your name, address, the amount and date of your transfer.

If you are living outside Ireland please confirm that you are an Irish Citizen (this is required under SIPO rules ).

If you have difficulty accessing the above form, please email this message to us;

I have today donated by bank transfer €xx to the campaign fund of Yes Equality Cork at AIB, North Main Street, Cork.
I confirm I am an Irish citizen [only required if you are living outside of Ireland.]

to us at

Please note: under Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) rules governing donations to campaign groups:

  • No individual may donate more than €2500 personally to us for this campaign.
  • We must pass the name and address of any donor who gives us more than €100 to the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO). This body is obliged to keep that information confidential. It is not public information.
  • Any donor resident outside the State must be an Irish citizen. We cannot accept personal donations from a non citizen.
  • Proceeds of a fundraising event for the benefit of the campaign can be transferred directly and are not subject to the rules applying to individual donors above.