Cork, Friday 29 May 2015

What a difference a week makes.   Already we are getting used to a world that is both changed and unchanged.  Changed of course by the massive Yes vote, but yet unchanged as life in many other ways goes on.

Huge work has been done in the last few days taking down Yes Equality posters all over Cork County, especially by TJ, John and Arthur, with help from many more invisible hands.  Other less obvious jobs have been carried out too as part of the wind-down process.

The goal of Yes Equality Cork was to provide a structure and a focus around which great people could conduct a great campaign.  Under the direction of Arthur Leahy and Kate Moynihan (two of our founding members) and Una Feely and Ken Curtin (both hired by Yes Equality Cork for the final referendum campaign) – we achieved that goal, most of the time!

Now we formally bid farewell to Ken, whose contract with Yes Equality Cork ends today, with warm thanks for a job well done.  Una will be with us a little longer before returning to her post at the national treasure that is the Quay Co-op.

A group of Yes Equality Cork Committee members  have plans for a social gathering open to all who helped and supported the campaign. More will be revealed on that soon.

From now on please note that the best contact email for Yes Equality Cork is  Other personal email accounts will be closing as people move on.  Our phone number remains active for the time being +353(0)214307696.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to work alongside you in an effort that has changed lives and has captured the imagination of the world.

Joe Noonan

Chairman – Yes Equality Cork

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